The Pet Bed Set

By on 19/08/2019

The Inner Mattress

Kuddlekrew Inner Cushion Rectangle View

The Inner Waterproof Cover

KuddleKrew Inner Liner

The Outer Cover

On average, a human mattress lasts 10 years. We change sheets and covers to match our decor, or the seasons. Why should your four-legged family members deserve anything less? By applying the tried and true concepts of “people beds” to pet bedding, KuddleKrew® has sparked a mattress revolution. The KuddleKrew® Pet Bed Pack is founded on a durable, top-quality mattress soundly constructed and cross-stitched to hold its shape while maximizing comfort and support through every phase of your pet’s life. The waterproof liner guarantees odor and stain-free durability while the multiple cover designs can change with the seasons. Now your pets can be just as comfortable as you are!