KuddleKrew® Pet Bed Starter Pack

By on 03/06/2019

The KuddleKrew® Pet Bed Starter Pack comes with a mattress cushion (your choice of size), one waterproof inner liner, and two outer covers included (your choice of 1 pattern).  Mix & match to express your signature style with KuddleKrew® collection of patterns and colors to match the seasons or to match your home décor. Built on the foundation of a breathable and waterproof inner liner protecting a high-quality mattress, which is designed to last for many years, and makes this package an economical purchase, saving money over time.

  • 1x Inner Cushion
  • 1x SlumberShield® Waterproof Inner Liner
  • 2x Outer Covers
  • = Fashion & Function & Extreme Durability