KuddleKrew® Pee Pad

By on 02/01/2021

KuddleKrew® Pee Pads for your pets. Fast absorbing top layer with waterproof backing absorbs liquid and keeps the surface below clean and dry.

Machine washable, breathable, waterproof, soft, durable cotton material. Place pee pads on rugs, floors, car seats and any other area you want to protect from unwanted spills and waste.

Light weight, non toxic pee pad stands up well for repeated use.
Made in China
Available in two attractive colours.
Material: 100% Polyester Sandwich + TPU + 100% Polyester Jersey.

Small 83 x 64 cm (32.7 x 25 inches): 2 Pack
Large 56 x 42 cm (22 x 16.5 inches): 1 Pack