About Kuddle Krew

By on 04/06/2019

Fashion meets function in the Kuddle Krew® pet bed system. These are comfy beds for pets featuring a breathable, waterproof inner liner. Our unique and extremely durable bed systems have a wide range of outer covers created by interior designers. Change outer covers with the seasons or just when you feel like it. All dogs featured in this video are adopted rescues!

Faye Angevine, the founder of Kuddle Krew® tells us that caring for these fringe elements of the canine population presented a problem. She was led into an exhaustive search for pet products that could stand up to extreme conditions. “I’ve had old and partially paralyzed dogs for years. They can’t stop themselves from peeing in their sleep,” says Angevine. “Lots of dog beds claim to be waterproof but don’t stand up to that kind of treatment. After three or four washes, most of them lose it and once urine contaminates the mattress it’s nearly impossible to get rid of the smell.”

Bringing years of product development and manufacturer sourcing to bear on the problem, she turned to the world of human bedding to create her own solution:

  • Faye found a pillow manufacturer that met her standards of comfort and durability
  • She tested 6 waterproof solution manufacturers before choosing SlumberShield for the use of their patented fluid-proof technology – employed for decades in hospitals and crib mattresses.
  • Working with creative designers, Kuddle Krew created a broad range of affordable, washable and interchangeable outer covers sold separately.