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The Mattress Revolution

Bringing Human Bed Concepts to the Pet World

On average, a human mattress lasts 10 years. We change sheets and covers to match our decor, or the seasons. Why should your four-legged family members deserve anything less?
By applying the tried and true concepts of “people beds” to pet bedding, KuddleKrew® has sparked a mattress revolution. The KuddleKrew® System is founded on a durable, top-quality mattress soundly constructed and cross-stitched to hold its shape while maximizing comfort and support through every phase of your pet’s life. The waterproof liner guarantees odor and stain-free durability while the multiple cover designs can change with the seasons.
Now your pets can be just as comfortable as you are!

Sharing & Caring

PACK collaborates with reputable organizations and the Taiwan government to promote animal health and welfare, and, by raising public awareness, reduce animal suffering. We promote Taiwan on the world stage for animal welfare.

Our Mission

At KuddleKrew®, our slogan is “The Pet Brand That Cares” and we prove that is true every day in the following ways: We employ only rescued animals in our marketing efforts. And we share their stories as part of our inspiration. We contribute financially and provide support to sister organizations around the globe that dedicate their efforts to animal welfare. We encourage fostering and adoption of at-risk animals and support all communication and logistics that lead to them finding their forever homes.

Rescue Dogs and Pets

Faye with rescue dogs

Animal Adoption and Rescue

P.A.C.K is People for Animal Care and Kindness, a dedicated animal welfare and rescue organization. At our shelter currently, we care for more than 430 dogs, cats, pigs, and goats.

Our philosophy is simple – provide rescued animals the best care possible while promoting critical animal rights and welfare issues.